Baner główny

Partnership program

We are open to any commerce offers from out clients. We offer help in the process of importing Chinese merchendise. We aim our offer to big companies, small businesses as well as firms that never imported goods before.


1. We seek the suitable manufacturer and products according to your personal requirements.

2. We negotiate the terms and propose a ready-made range of goods to our client.

3. We prepare written agreements, we execute orders, we prepare and gather necessary documents.

4. We set up transport to Poland.

5. We take up container-sized shipments, as well as small orders.


Thanks to our representatives in China we can perform prior factory evaluation, monitor the product quality and supervise the loading of every shipment. We guarantee the quality of our services and ensure that every order will be up to your specifications.


We are looking forwards to any kind of cooperation, working with our company will be a real pleasure.